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Director:  Ben Lettieri

Screenwriter:  Jack Lee & Bruce Thomas

Genre:  Action/Martial Arts


Martial arts fuelled adventure as Ben Silver aka The Liberator has only a few hours to retrieve a priceless stolen antique and return it undamaged to his mysterious female client, reformed cat burglar, Melinda Page.

Director Statement

The Liberator is quite simply one of my proudest achievements to date. On an extremely micro-budget we have managed to collaborate with lots of the very best martial arts actors and performers in the UK who worked together to create a spectacular world of colourful characters in a fast paced story. This, start to finish, fun filled adventure is our little nod to the golden age of action cinema.

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Director:  Ben Lettieri

Screenwriter:  Dan Cobb

Genre:  Horror/Comedy


Caine and Bruce. Two old friends, who just so happen to be criminals on the run, who just so happen to seek refuge for the night in an isolated and creepy hotel with a graveyard as part of the scenery, which just so happens to be the venue for a demon cult blood sacrife, which just so happens to raise the dead, among other things, in the process, which just so happens to break all hell loose! Ladies and Gentlemen... Place your bets!

Director Statement

This outstanding one of a kind production is conceived and created strictly with the fans of this genre in mind! We are fans too, we share your love for movies like Evil Dead 2, From Dusk Till Dawn and so so many others. So we're creating, for all the fans to enjoy, what will hopefully become a classic piece of Action/Horror/Comedy.


Director:  Ben Lettieri

Screenwriter:  Ben Lettieri

Genre:  Martial Arts/Fantasy


Journey into a world you never knew existed, which has been right in front of you the whole time. Living in secret are The Dark Sovereign who, led by their master, The Martinet, suck the very souls of the human race out of existence, feeding off their fear. But that's where he comes in, the balance, a silent warrior of the night, Lonewolf.

Director Statement

Lonewolf is by far the most unique, involved and spectacular film I have so far been a part of. The heart racing action combined with the outstanding VFX, provided by the super talented and ultra creative Neil Wilson @ Wilson VFX, along with some very heart felt performances from it's outstanding cast, result in a truly gripping and memorable viewing experience!


Director: David Freedman

Screenwriter: David freedman

Genre Horror


Lewis and Clark, two old friends, head down the coast on a fishing trip. One that soon becomes the vacation from hell, involving a crazed fisherman, shipwreck and a shark cult bent on human sacrifice.


Director Statement

Dead in the Water is actually a very personal film for me having grown-up on the British coast in the Essex locations where it was filmed. The film is also an homage to some of my all time favourite films including Deliverance, Jaws and the Wicker Man. Knowing the legendary problems those films had during their productions was also part of the appeal of setting sail on my own adventure horror story on water. And of course my amazing cast & crew ran into our own problems, including our main boat sinking in a storm the day before the shoot. But we made it through! Special mention to the brilliant Andrew Shire who put in an inspired performance as crazed fisherman 'Shore'. Dead in the Water is a thrilling creepy ride of a movie.


Director: Ben Lettieri

Screenwriter: Ben Lettieri

Genre:  Thriller/Action


Violated beyond forgiveness... Now it's their turn.

A shattering portrait of female police officer, Jill Foster who survives an attempted murder and goes on a personal vendetta to avenge the murder of her partner with her own unique brand of punishment.

Director Statement

I feel very sympathetic towards the way many women are still treated by people and society and I also believe passionately in portraying strong female characters on screen. Jill Foster is symbolic of these themes and centers around the growth and evolution of the female lead character from violation to retribution!

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