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Director:  Ben Lettieri

Screenwriter:  Lliam Coker / Ben Lettieri

Genre:  Drama


Life After is a story that is inspired from true events which follows the lives of four main characters; James, Lee, Kayla and Charlotte. This films main purpose is to highlight the devastating and sensitive topic of suicide but the film itself is not about the suicide itself, rather it focuses on the trail of devastation left after someone has taken this tragic path.

Writer Statement
After losing my best friend to depression, I realised something was missing from the media that covers the people left in the wake of suicide. My film, I hope covers this dark area and in turn, I hope it may help people with with a fragile mind to see the devastation that is left behind and come to a realisation that no one is better off without you, even when you think they are.
Director Statement

I've known Lliam for many years, after hearing his tragic story I felt devastated for him and knew I had to help. I am no stranger to depression, anxiety and mental breakdown and have also known people who have tragically taken their life due to their horrible affects. It's shocks and saddens me that despite such a high number of people suffering with these conditions, it is still very much a taboo subject. Thanks to amazing charitable organisations doing great work, we hope to follow their example and raise awareness so that people realise that they are not suffering alone, and help is always a phone call away.

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