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“Ben has the tools to go a long way. The complete package, a sincerely passionate and gifted young man and yet as humble as they come.”

–                                                              Maria Reed, casting director, Hollywood CA

Improvise Films Ltd. was founded in 2007 and was responsible for several well received, credible web series’ and short films by film school student, now turned independent filmmaker, Ben Lettieri. The company was disbanded for a period of two years. During which time, Lettieri put his filmmaking projects on hold in order to further develop his talents as a filmmaker by returning to film schools both in London and at Universal Studios, Hollywood, in order to gain a proficiency in all aspects of filmmaking and be able to lead his team to broader achievements.

Now, Improvise Films Ltd. has been fully reformed and is ever expanding it’s network of creative talent, producers and distributors. Their goal as ever, is  to simply and wholeheartedly entertain film and tv fans worldwide with their unique brand of filmmaking that translates in all cultures and all languages. Now, with multi-award winning projects under their belt, the future is bright for this company as they begin to branch out into a huge variety of genres and audiences and their films are more exciting and ambitious than ever. Their first feature film production 'The Liberator' has an expected general release date of Summer 2016. The industry is beginning to take more and more notice of this compelling and inspiring group and their star is clearly rising fast!

                                                                                  Tony Jackson -


“You don’t always need to work hard in order to succeed, but it sure helps. I studied with New York Film Academy both at London in 2005 and at Universal Studios in 2012, graduating with diplomas in Acting, Filmmaking and Producing whilst also receiving three months of intensive stage combat training. I have written and directed a whole array of feature film and short film projects and have acted in various roles for other directors as well, both student films and low budget independent productions. I am also a dedicated martial artist and former kickboxing instructor with a great deal of experience in film fight choreography and coaching non-martial artists to perform on camera. Although I received more than my fair share of acting training while at NYFA, I also studied Screen Acting with City Academy in London to further develop my technique. As always, I continue to grow, learning more about myself and the industry. While maintaining my contacts in the US, I am in the process of producing a series of films here in the UK . For me it’s about the art of filmmaking, the passion to tell a story with emotion and honesty. That’s the kind of hard work that is worth it.”

                                                                                                                  – Ben Lettieri

"Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in    yourself, do not go out and look for a successful  personality and duplicate it."


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